Chapter 6

  1. Sons of God and Daughters of Men

    • When the population of man began to grow, the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were beautiful, and they took any that they wanted for wives.

    • The Lord said that His Spirit would not remain with mankind forever because they were so corrupt. Their days will be 120 years.

      • I have heard some people interpret this verse to mean that God is decreasing the life span of man to around 120 years, but He is actually giving the amount of time remaining until the flood. The flood occurred 120 years after this declaration.

    • The Nephilim were on the earth both in those days and afterwards, when the daughters of man bore the children of the sons of God. They were the powerful and famous men of old.

      • This is one of times when I look back over what I just read and say “What the what!?!” There has been a lot of speculation over who exactly the Nephilim are. Honestly, the Bible just doesn’t give enough information to come to a definitive decision, so I’ll give a short explanation of the different views. In any case, it’s definitely nothing to argue over. For a much more in depth discussion of the views along with pros and cons you can check out Bodie Hodge’s article for Answers in Genesis. His is the best and most detailed non biased representation of the views that I have found.

        • 1. The Nephilim are the sons of Seth.
            • This is probably the most commonly accepted identity because it seems the least “fantastical”. There are a couple of variations on this view as well, but basically this view explains that the sons of Seth were referred to as sons of God because they were “godly” and the daughters of men refers to women who were unbelievers.

          • This view does have problems however.

            • First of all, when the phrase “sons of God” is used three other times in the Old Testament, it always refers to angelic beings. Also, the Septuagint (which is translated from an older Biblical text than the text than the text our common Bible translations are translated from) translates “sons of God” as “angels”, so the translators of this older text clearly did not believe these Nephilim were descendants of Seth. Then again- men are in some instances referred to as God’s sons in the New Testament though not in this same phraseology.

            • Secondly, the Nephilim are associated with the Anakim and the Rephaim (Numbers 13:33 and Deuteronomy 2:20) which are called giants. The King James actually translates Nephilim as “giants”. However, there is no explanation offered for why “godly” sons of Seth would have produced a race of giants.

          • 2. The Nephilim are the offspring of the daughters of men and divine beings.
          • – This view is probably less popular than view number one just because of its controversial nature, however it does have some compelling Biblical corroboration in my opinion. And of course there are a couple of variations on this view as well regarding whether these divine beings were “fallen angels” or “possessed men”.

                      • You can read all about this view here. First we’ll look at what makes this view problematic. The most common refutation is Matthew 22:30 where Jesus states that angels don’t marry.

                    • This view, in my opinion, has some pretty compelling evidence- particularly the version denoting the divine beings as “fallen angels” variation.

                        • We’ve already mentioned that when you compare the meaning of the phrase “sons of God” in the rest of the Old Testament, it refers to angelic beings as well as the corroboration of the Septuagint.

                      • In addition, the book of Jude offers some insight regarding the Matthew 22:30 refutation. Jude 6 tells us that angels didn’t keep their proper domain and Jude 7 explains further that they sinned in a similar manner to the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah which it describes as “sexual immorality” and “went after strange flesh”. Jude 6 even describes the punishment God gave these angels.

                      • Also of interest, Genesis 6:9-10 states that Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Some Bibles translate this as “blameless among his contemporaries”, but to me that seems to imply that he was sinless- which we know that no one is or ever has been. Guzik offers this insight, “We could translate “perfect in his generations” as , “Noah was pure in his genetic profile.”

              • 3. The Nephilim are aliens from other worlds.
                      • You can read more about this view here. This is the least plausible in my opinion. This view claims that the Nephilim were ancient beings that ruled the pre-flood world. This is problematic due to the fact that it really doesn’t have a Biblical “leg” to stand on.

2. Judgement Decreed

      • When the Lord saw that the wickedness of men had spread all over the earth and that every thought in man’s mind was evil all the time, He was grieved in His heart and regretted that He had made man.

        • “This does not mean that creation was out of control, nor does it mean that God hoped for something better but was unable to achieve it. God knew all along that this was how things would turn out, but our text tells us loud and clear that as God sees His plan for the ages unfold, it affects Him. God is not unfeeling in the face of human sin and rebellion.” (Guzik)

        • “Although ‘regret’ is the customary translation of the Hebrew verb in verse 6, its basic meaning is to ‘be pained.’This is the sense here, as suggested by the parallel ‘be grieved’. As it hurts a loving parent to see the disobedience of his children, so it pained God to see how wicked man had become…God is not indifferent to sins effects, but His grief is not a feeling of helplessness.” (Holman Apologetics Study Bible Commentary)

    • The the Lord said, “ I will wipe man and animals off the face of the earth because I regret that I made them.”

      • Again- the Hebrew translated “regret” has the basic meaning of being “pained”.

    • Noah found favor in the Lord’s eyes.

– “While God commanded all the earth to be cleansed of this pollution, He found one man with whom to begin again: Noah, who found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Noah didn’t earn grace; he found it. No one earns grace, but we can all find it. “ (Guzik)

3. God Warns Noah

    • Noah was a righteous man who walked with God and was perfect in his generations. He had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

    • God saw that the earth was corrupt and full of violence.

    • God told Noah that He was going to destroy all men along with the earth because of the corruption and violence.

      • Some may argue that this makes God cruel, but I like what Barnhouse says on this matter, “On what grounds would God be told that He can bring death to millions of people at the end of a ‘normal’ life span, but that He may not do it in any other way?”

    • God gave Noah specific instructions to make himself an ark out of gopher wood. The ark should have rooms, be covered with pitch inside and out, have one door, and 3 levels inside. God gave Noah all the dimensions for the ark.

    • God told Noah that He was going to destroy the earth and everything on it with a great flood, but that He would establish a covenant with Noah. Noah would enter the ark with his wife, his sons, and their wives.

    • God instructed Noah to bring two of each living thing according to their kinds (one male and one female) onto the ark. These animals would come to him.

    • He told Noah to bring enough food for the animals and for his family. Noah obeyed.

    • Lots of questions come up when people think about the plausibility of a gigantic ark large enough to house 2 of every single kind of animal, along with Noah and his family, and all the food they would need. I had the opportunity last summer to visit Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter in Kentucky and all I can say, is that if you think you have a good idea of how large the ark was- you aren’t thinking BIG enough. It was INCREDIBLE. I would highly recommend a visit! I’m no photographer and my pics really don’t do it justice, but I’ll post a few just to give you an idea of the size. Again, these pics really don’t do justice to the size.

Notice the size of the tiny little people…the ark is MASSIVE.

Looking up through the 3 levels.

        • How did he fit all the animals on the ark?

        • What about the dinosaurs?

        • Yep, if you believe in a young earth creation then dinosaurs would have been on the ark. If you’re thinking I’m crazy, I’ll just say there is a lot more evidence for a young earth than you’ve probably ever been exposed to. Definitely worth the research if you are interested in that topic. Answers in Genesis has excellent articles on that subject as well.

      • How were the animals cared for? (food storage, waste removal, etc.)

      • How was the ark ventilated?

– Another good question on the topic of the ark is: Could Noah and his sons have built the ark themselves? A couple of good articles that address different facets of this topic are from Answers in Genesis- How Could Noah Build Something So Large and How Many People Built the Ark.