Exodus Chapter 39

Making the Priestly Garments

    • The craftsmen made the garments for those in ministry out of blue, purple, and scarlet cloth just as the Lord had instructed in chapter 28. (see chapter 28 notes for details)

Making the Ephod

    • Bezalel made the ephod exactly according to the instructions the Lord had given in chapter 28. (See chapter 28 notes link above.)

Making the Breastpiece

    • He made the breastpiece in accordance with the instructions given in chapter 28- rows of mounted gemstones corresponding to the 12 tribes of Israel and engraved with their names.

Making the Robe

    • They made the robe according to the instructions in chapter 28- blue with alternating pomegranates and bells decorating the lower hem.

The Other Priestly Garments

    • They made the rest of the garments to complete the priestly ensemble as instructed by the Lord in chapter 28- tunics for Aaron and his sons, the turban and headbands, undergarments, and the sash.

Making the Holy Diadem

    • They made the diadem as instructed by the Lord in chapter 28- a plate of pure gold inscribed with the words HOLY TO THE LORD, mounted on the turban.

Moses’ Inspection of the Tabernacle

    • The Israelites finished their work, making every single thing that the Lord had commanded them to make. So, they brought it to Moses to be inspected.

    • Moses saw that everything had been done just exactly as the Lord had commanded and he blessed the Israelites.