Exodus Chapter 38

Making the Altar of Burnt Offering

    • Bezalel made the altar for burnt offerings exactly as the Lord had instructed in chapter 27 (see chapter 27 notes for details)- acacia wood overlaid with bronze; bronze utensils; bronze poles for transport.


Making the Bronze Basin

    • He made the bronze basin from the bronze mirrors of the women who served at the tent of meeting entrance as described in chapter 30 (see chapter 30 notes for details.)

Making the Courtyard

    • He made the courtyard exactly as described in chapter 27 (see link above for chapter 27 notes)- linen curtains with bronze bases; silver posts; embroidered entrance screen with bronze bases; and bronze tent pegs.


Inventory of Materials

    • Moses commanded Aaron’s son, Ithamar, to direct the Levites in taking an inventory of the materials used in building the tabernacle. Bezalel and Oholiab (along with the craftsmen they oversaw) made everything just as the Lord had commanded.

    • The total weight of gold used was 2,193 lbs.

    • The total weight of silver used was 7,544 lbs. Each Israelite male 20 and over (a total of 603,550 men) each gave half a shekel of silver.

    • The total weight of bronze used was 5,310 lbs.

      • Guzik notes, β€œBy some estimations the present day value of the materials used in the tabernacle would total more than $13 million (DeWitt). Their combined weight would be almost 19,000 pounds (more than 9 tons or 8,500 kilograms).”

      • Where did all of this metal come from? From the Egyptians! NLT Illustrated Study Bible notes, β€œThe immense amount of metal reported in this inventory of materials (more than a ton of gold, almost 4 tons of silver, and two and a half tons of bronze) reflects the Egyptians’ eagerness to get the Israelites out of Egypt, giving the Israelites anything they asked for in order to hurry them on their way (see 12:35-36).”