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Hi! I’m Tiffany and I’m the Truth Snitch. The goal of my blog is to help people form educated opinions on a myriad of topics including faith, politics, science, the environment, and health- based on truth. We are inundated daily with mountains of misinformation and agenda driven reporting. It’s a full time job checking sources and wading though sensationalism just to find a nugget of truth with which to form an opinion. Who has time for that? Lucky for you, I routinely neglect my housework have plenty of time to embark on time consuming quests for knowledge. On top of mainstream media poisoning, our education system has so thoroughly indoctrinated us with revisionist history that we lack a foundation of truth in order to avoid mistakes of the past. After all, the winner gets to write the history books, right? Speaking of the education we receive, molding our young impressionable brains, how about science class? Science textbooks become obsolete in the blink of an eye, but you wouldn’t know that by the way current popular theories are taught as indisputable fact: climate change (formerly known as global warming), evolution, age of the earth, etc. Never mind all those brilliant scientific minds who dare to risk career suicide by providing sound evidence that contradicts the status quo of the scientific mafia. Even when it comes to our faith we tend to accept what we are first exposed to as absolute truth. We don’t always ask the hard questions and take time to learn the contextual Biblical basis for what is preached. Trust me- I learned the hard way on this one. My obsession passion is delving deep into the WHY of what I believe, searching for, and presenting those elusive truths to you. Of course, I won’t be able to resist throwing in my two cents on the issues based on what I find. I mean, it is a physical impossibility for me to contain my opinion, unvoiced, inside my body- just ask my husband. I do, however, welcome and enjoy debate with one caveat: for the love of Pete let’s keep it respectful. So! Let’s learn some stuff!



First and foremost I am a Jesus loving, Bible believing Christian. Next, I am a wife and mom of 3. I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2002 with a Bachelor’s in Finance and a minor in Economics. Fresh out of college I worked for Merrill Lynch, but after our son was born I leaped at the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. We now have two boys- my oldest is 11 and the youngest is 4, and my daughter at age 7 has the honor of being in the middle.  Together, my husband and I have successfully experimented with house flipping from time to time. I absolutely love to cook and bake. For a short period of time I even decorated cakes for the public. I’m an exercise fanatic and have worked at a few different gyms teaching various group exercise classes. Recently we have been blessed with the property of our dreams and are in the process of starting a small farm. So far our farm is home to way too many chickens, some hilarious goats, 3 lazy valiant livestock guardian dogs, ducks that come and go as they please, a wayward goose, and a couple of spoiled cats. I am a politically conservative, climate change skeptic, young earth believing, animal loving, workout-a-holic, small farm starting, research to deather who doesn’t jump into anything without attaining boss level google knowledge of my endeavors. Go ahead, ask me how many goat milking youtube videos I’ve watched- I’m gonna be SO ready. (Much to the chagrin of my awesome husband who is much more of a get started and ask questions later kind of guy.) Obviously, I have quite the wide range of interests. But my ultimate talent is my ability to get to the bottom of things via ridiculously extensive research- which I will now share with you!

The Holy Bible- Tiffsnotes

This page is devoted to my personal in depth Bible study that my sister has sarcastically lovingly labeled “The Holy Bible- TiffsNotes”- as in the famous Cliffnotes. I’m reading the Bible straight through from Genesis to Revelation and summarizing each chapter in my own words. Every time I come across something that I need clarification on (which happens to be a lot) I stop, research it to death, and write up an explanation based on my various (also well researched) sources. If I can’t come to a definitive conclusion, I document the alternative views complete with the Biblical basis for each. I also try to throw in extras like illustrations maps, charts, tables- anything to help me see things more clearly. Scattered throughout are quotes from theologians I admire such as Charles Spurgeon, Patterson and Austel, Russell Dilday, and David Guzik to name a few. As we’re going along, if anyone has a question that I don’t single out and research, please feel free to contact me via the contact form or comments section and I’ll be happy to look into it.

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